The Third Talk

John Van Arnam, Executive Director, SME

John is a Dad, coach, consultant, the founder of The Third Talk Foundation, and a believer in kids.

John has a 15-year advocacy protecting children from viewing online pornography, and a passion for real-world practical solutions. Children viewing online pornography is an avoidable mistake. John has worked with the largest search engines, early on in their creation, to assist them in keeping children safe from viewing pornography content.

John has a unique, and detailed skill set in this online vertical, and sees the solution to children viewing this content as straightforward and practical.  His experiences have shown him that the education of Parents is the one true solution to the problem of young people viewing pornography, and/or potentially being hurt by it as well. His team teaches Parents and kids to avoid the emotional challenges watching pornography can cause young children, based on history, facts, experience, testimonials, and constantly updated information vetted by doctors, educators, psychologists, and scientists.

John has surrounded himself with great people who share his passion for protecting kids.

Hannah Adcock, Director of Youth Outreach

Hannah Adcock is the Director of Youth Outreach at The Third Talk™ and has shown herself to be a dedicated and necessary element to the solution of youth exposure to online pornography.

Hannah’s commitment to protecting our nation’s children goes well beyond her advocacy at The Third Talk™. Her work as the Regional Manager at GirlUp, a United Nation’s funded Women’s advocacy Foundation, highlighted her commitment to Women’s issues long before she left high school.

An Asheville High School Graduate and accomplished public speaker has well positioned her and her strengths to advocate for youth here in The United States and beyond.

Video: The Third Talk™ Director of Youth Outreach speaks at Evergreen