Instructional Communication Session – Parent(s) only

From: $179.00

Parents have “The Talk” to teach their kids about the birds and the bees. A second talk regarding sexual development happens around middle school and is usually given by counselors, health teachers, or P.E. teachers to discuss safety, boundaries, pregnancy and STD’s. Now that technology allows pornography to exist on every device and social media platform our children will see, parents need to have another talk. The Third Talk™, parents need to have with their kids, is about online pornography.

By focusing on the parent, and their responsibility to educate and protect their own children there is a theme that can be universally accepted. It moves the conversation from the internet, to the home, and allows for families and communities to support each other. This means discussions at work, at the soccer field, at book clubs, baseball games, even churches and schools. It can create a network effect that is stronger than any individual effort.

During this 60-minute session the parent(s) will be knowledgeable with the following concepts:

1. The volume of the online pornography challenge
2. The language to use to initiate this conversation with your own children
3. Strategies and tools to discuss healthy sexuality with your child.
4. Working through any perceived duplicity regarding this content

Should you require a sponsorship or financial assistance, accommodations will be made. Contact The Third Talk™ to inquire.